What the **** is #FitTeam16?

I wonder how many people have been asking this question recently?

I also wonder how many people have been thinking that it’s an exclusive club that they can’t join…WRONG!!!

THIS pretty much sums up #FitTeam16…


So you could now just stop reading and get involved with the latest challenge or you can carry on and fully understand what the hashtag #FitTeam16 is all about.

Cool…you’re still here.

So let’s go quickly back to 2010…I got involved with Twitter and launched the #adventchallenge…more on this later in the year but it will be 8 years old in December 2017.

2011 – Myself along with another personal trainer, Mark Raynsford came up with the hashtag – #gymfree. Basically meaning that you can get fit anywhere so stop using the fact that you cant get to or can’t afford a gym membership as a reason to not get fit and improve your life. We also travelled the country doing #gymfree workshops promoting #gymfree exercises and gave advice face to face…it was awesome! By the way, for those not ‘informed’ about hashtags, they are online searches that you can go to see what other people are saying about that particular subject. For example…if you want to chat to other Coronation Street fans then I’m sure if you searched #Corrie, you would reach your desired destination.

2012 – I realised that anyone could come up with the #gymfree hashtag so decided on one that was mine and came up with #FitTeam12. A place where EVERYONE who is interested in becoming fitter, healthier and motivated could go to chat to other like-minded individuals on the same journey. One of the reasons people struggle to reach their goals is they have found that some or most of the people that they mix with are unmotivated and lazy leading to them being dragged down as they find it hard to break that cycle. By searching for #FitTeam12, they had somewhere to go to chat to other people who where making improvements in their life and in turn, be motivated to do the same!

2013- #FitTeam13…the whole thing grew.

2014 – In 2014, I struggled with life…I was no longer with the mother of my kids and it felt that my world had changed dramatically. Due to this and injuries etc I struggled to be the same person I was on social media…I had ups and downs which were reflected by the amount of challenges and input I had with #FitTeam14, #FitTeam15 and even #FitTeam16.

2016 – I have tried to launch some challenges this year but they’ve come and gone however with most things in life…you’ll know when you’re ready to make that move. Coincidentally, it’s Olympic year again…London 2012 was amazing and #FitTeam12 grew from that so here we are again…Rio 2016 was epic and I’m absolutely ready to relaunch the #FitTeam movement even though some of you STILL may not know what it really is yet.


So what is #FitTeam16 actually about?

I put out challenges…usually monthly and you guys get involved by doing them and tweeting or sharing your progress online. The magic happens when people you’ve never met or heard of complement or even ReTweet what you’ve said. You suddenly feel like you have a training partner or at least, someone who cares about your journey. You’ll then take interest in what they are doing and you suddenly have accountability. When more and more people do this you will feel you have a community of people doing this same as you and you become interested in each other. It grew before and it will again to the point where people were buying t-shirts (online store) and meeting up at races or events that they never believed they would be doing before. They were getting advice from other trainers as well as me, physios etc online, all feeling that they could benefit from a piece of #FitTeam action.

Who is #FitTeam16 for?

ME! I set it up because being a self employed personal trainer, I missed the camaraderie I once had when I was a Physical Training Instructor in the RAF and wanted to create something that would keep me motivated whilst I motivated others. I do the challenges too. You may be surprised that I set it up for me but I knew that you guys were more than likely to join in too. With more of you guys involved, the more motivation, inspiration AND pressure I had to lead by example and push myself harder to improve and reach the goals that I had publicly set. #FitTeam is responsible for me doing Ironman 2015 so thank you! I want everyone to improve themselves and to come out of their comfort zones…this is a great way for me to help you do this.

I mentioned other trainers and yes…I want other personal trainers to get involved too…you can motivate online too so why not join in. #FitTeam16 is great for you to be seen by potential clients in your area so please, get involved. I have gained greatly from #FitTeam in the ways of brands as well as new clients so please…get involved. All I ask is that you don’t directly advertise your services…you are here to motivate and encourage others…if you do a good job you’ll find you won’t need to advertise on here. So I’m after personal trainers, physios, chirocpracters, osteopaths etc.

team work

What do you need to do to be part of #FitTeam16?

USE THE HASHTAG. It’s that simple. To get the most out of #FitTeam16 you should do the challenges, talk about the challenges, talk about your health and fitness journey, encourage others, motivate others…by using the #FitTeam16 hashtag.

What is this month’s challenge?

Well…this current one is not a month but 12 weeks and we are currently on week 2 day 2. Please join in now! I don’t care that you are slightly late to the party…join in now. Fancy catching up on the previous days? Fine…but join in NOW!


We have 6 days of exercise per week with only 6 exercises…Sunday is your rest day. You have to select Gold, Silver or Bronze and ideally stick to it OR progress up a level if you are not already on Gold. You have ALL day to complete the amount of repetitions or seconds in the box…I repeat YOU HAVE ALL DAY!!!


Next Steps?

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and share the table above. Tell people you are doing it online AND in ‘real life’. You will be surprised at how many people will join you. Tell your followers that you are doing this and obviously the more people in your/our team the more help you will get in achieving your goals.

I thank you, in advance for the help I know you will give me in reaching my goals of breaking all of my Personal Bests in 2016 and beyond and as I get older, the reasons to stop become harder to resist…but I will continue to push harder as I know that you will be doing so too.

Let’s do this #FitTeam16, #FitTeam17, #FitTeam18…#FitTeam20…#FitTeam27…



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