L.A.Ds Fit Club

Lads and Dad’s Fit Club


There’s so many boot camps and weight loss classes available but when you go they are full of women…which is great for some of you but what about a Men Only Fitness group where we talk physical fitness, mental health and then train for an event in the future that will make us and our families proud!

I am best suited for this as
1) I’m a man,
2) Personal Trainer for 12 years and a RAF Physical Training Instructor for 10 years before that,
3) I have had my physical & mental ups and downs too and
4) I’m passionate about men’s health and know what it’s like to have the support of a group being a member of the armed forces for 10 years!

Monday Night – Twickenham – TBC

Tuesday Night – Tolworth United Reformed Church

Wednesday Night – Walton on Thames – Elmgrove Hall – Starting on 29th November

Cost – £40 per month which works out as approximately £10 per class. Message me for details.

Please can you invite men to this who you think may be interested!

Many thanks,


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