I’ve been selected for the ASICS #MixUpYourRun campaign…so what?!?

ASICS GEL-Glorify_normal

I’m a successful personal trainer who’s been given two new pairs of ASICS Gel trainers and why should you care?!

Well nothing in this world is free and although I’m going to own these beauties soon and some other ASICS apparel I need to do some work and that should interest you.

The brief from ‘The Runnung Bug’ and ASICS was…”Asics want to encourage people to mix up their run, so you’d be testing out two pairs of their shoes as part of the campaign, one for short, and one for long distance running. For both we’d need you to be really active on your social media accounts and blogs.”

On reading this I applied and very fortunately was accepted!

I then got this email…

“Congratulations on being picked to take part in our ASICS campaign!

Everything kicks off on Monday, so here is a brief on what will be happening, and what we’d like you to do.

  • The message of the campaign is centred around our Mix Up Your Run philosophy. The key behind this philosophy is in order to get the best out of your training you have to mix up the types of run; Run Long, Run Tough, Run Fast and Run Natural
  • The Gel-Glorify is our Run Long shoe for the campaign, so it is built for road running, cushioned and for longer distances

Run Natural category are our shoes with the lower heel drop, giving the runner a more natural running style and feel

Run Fast is for the shorter, faster runs to build up strength and pace

Run Tough is for the off-road running to build durability and familiarity to different surfaces

  • You’ll be sent a pair of Gel-Glorify, which are exclusive to Intersport, as well as one other pair of shoes from one of the categories above so you can mix up your runs and train in different styles.

Please blog and tweet about your training and experience with the shoes, using the hashtags #ASICS and #MixUpYourRun, and tagging the Twitter Handle @ASICSEurope. Take plenty of pictures, and utilise social media as much as possible.”

Obviously I am over the moon as this gives me ANOTHER reason to send out more tweets, posts and photos that I hope will motivate you into running better and achieving your goals be they based on distance or time.

So to help me kick start this off, if you have a twitter account I’d greatly appreciate you sending the tweet below or making on that sounds similar…feel free to copy and paste it.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how @StuartAmoryPT gets on with the @ASICSeurope #MixUpYourRun campaign that starts on Monday. @TheRunningBug”

Many thanks in anticipation. Here is a wee video to whet your appetite!

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