I need your help in becoming an online personal trainer…




Being an online personal trainer…right, where do I start?

So many people have become online personal trainers and yet in 2015 I still am not one. Ever since 2010 I’ve been motivating people on twitter and facebook with challenges and tweets that I’ve used to get you guys exercising or at least thinking about it. I’ve met people at parkruns around the country saying I’ve been responsible for getting them into it and I love it…half marathons, triathlons and obstacle races too. So why have I not become an online personal trainer?

My answer to this is simple…how on earth do I give the quality of service I give to my actual clients to people that I will probably never meet?!?

I mean I’ve got clients that I had for a number of years and I’m still correcting their posture and form in old exercises and new. It’s easy to go through the motions as an exerciser but then you risk injury. I do aim to give clients as much information as possible so if they choose to move on I am then happy that they have enough knowledge to exercise for the rest of their lives. The clients who’ve stayed with me for long periods of time grow as my knowledge and experience grows so I understand what they’re getting too.

I just want to give a good quality of service but I suppose this is why online PT is cheaper because you lose that element of having personal training. I think I’d feel better if I called myself an online coach rather than a personal trainer. I could simply send out programs that I know would work for the goals you desire. For a higher standard of service I could offer monthly or weekly Skype chats to check up on you and adjust your programs. For the ultimate service I could travel to you (and possibly a group of your friends) and actually train you in some of the exercises or equipment I use.

I sound very vague and that’s where you come in…to be an amazing online coach I need to know what the customer wants…and that’s YOU!

I’m after 6 people to help me develop my online business. I want to know what you want from an online coach. What you’d expect from training with me. What other online coaches have offered you in the past, not so I can copy but just to get an idea of what I am aiming to provide. How much you’d pay to have me in your corner?

To be considered for one of the six people I need you to send me an email answering the above questions adding in any advice you may think will help me.

The 6 people I choose will get an online package from me for free as I would value your constructive feedback on how you felt it went.

My email address is stuart@inkilterfitness.co.uk

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


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