Sometimes you meet someone…and then they are gone.

I love people, I love people’s stories and I love telling people my stories.

Every so often you meet someone maybe only once or twice but the memory of that person will stick in your mind or heart or both for ever but sadly the only time you think about them again is when they die. It’s life, it happens but it doesn’t help you feeling bad that you never spoke to them more. This could be someone famous, someone you’ve loved, someone in your family or a complete stranger that did something that you will never forget.

I am talking about a particular person but as I type, my mind is drifting of to think about others…other people who have made me me. Others who’ve I learned from, who I’ve admired, who I use to keep me going when times seem hard.

I am very fortunate to be asked to race every year in Germany with a team of individuals who all have a story…some quite normal stories and some incredible stories. All these people leave an imprint on me for a reason. Some have cycled from Bangkok to Bristol, some are simply fathers of teenagers. Some even leave me with a feeling of disappointment as I see true potential where they may not but whatever the reason, they all leave a mark.

I met this particular person in a pub in Kingston approximately 7 years ago who was very bubbly, slightly crazy but with a real passionate zest for life that I’d never felt before. Not long after meeting her, I heard that she is a cancer survivor. She was young, younger than me and had survived cancer. It made me think about how she was, how she acted and how I’d hopefully act if I found myself in the unfortunate position like she was.

Years later I found her on twitter using her experience to help many, many others by writing blogs about a healthy way of eating to help people fight or even help keep cancer at bay. We exchanged a few tweets every so often as we use twitter in similar ways and then that was that.

On Tuesday (12th May 14) I read on facebook from her boyfriend of 7 years ago, that she had died on Monday. I hardly knew her but the news stopped me in my tracks. Cancer had come back and this time it got her.




I’m currently readying a team of 12 for the London to Cardiff 24 relay race and was thinking of doing it for charity. I’ve signed up to ‘Guess to Give’ as I want their to be a fun element where you guys can have a guess at what our team time will be for £3 a go and the nearest wins the jackpot. Through the ex boyfriend I’m finding out if her family are happy for me/us to do this and if they have a charity that they’d like us to raise funds for. The link for the page is here.

To anyone whose memory lives on in your life, may they rest in piece.

#RIPPollyNoble #RunForPolly

Polly’s website.


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