My 50th @parkrunUK was overshadowed by Super Mau!!!

stu and Mau

Just thought I’d share 2 emails, one form Sarveen who is a member of my twice weekly class Team DH (DH stands for Desperate Housewives) and the other from myself in reply!

I want to share them and I feel that you’ll understand why once you’ve read them both…keep going as you don’t know who you’re inspiring! BTW Maureen in 69 years of age, the rest of the group are 40 something’s.

team dh

From Sarveen to Team DH…

First Parkrun done! Am feeling great now! Having a cup of tea and peanut butter on toast and feeling mega fit. The thing I see addictive about park runs is seeing your gorgeous faces more regularly …Personal bests? Pffftt. My best is  turning up :).. And then turning up again.. And then again…
Can’t do the next few Saturdays but I’ll definitely do it again and in fact if we do that walk run thing I think we can slowly increase the distance.. To 10k max.. Not a half marathon. Just saying. Doing it for you Sara ( right fist tapping my heart as I type this which i can do coz I’m left handed).
Maureen was marvellous today but at one point.. Well three actually.. I did think I was going to have to fling her on the floor and carry out CPR. Maureen quickly regained her breathing capacity when she saw me lick my lips. It’s okay Maureen.. I’m a dentist.. We ALWAYS brush our teeth first 😉
Enough joking about.. Seriously if you guys are up for it am happy to drag myself out of bed at some ridiculous hour, spend an hour in the car just so I can run with you guys and the wind in my hair
Have a good weekend! I think I’m allowed another piece of toast now…
My reply to Sarveen and the rest of TeamDH…
The insignificant part was that it was my 50th parkrun and I’m pretty chuffed with my massive PB of 15 secs but to have FOUR of my clients there, made me really proud!!!
The best part was that Maureen only did it so Sarveen would get off of her ass and do it too!!! She said to me as we walked off to our cars and I quote! “I got her to bloody do it!” with a cheeky giggle afterwards…yes, Sarveen, Maureen almost died to motivate YOU!!!
She’s 69 and doesn’t moan…whinge? Yes, but moan? No!!! 🙂
I’m so glad you came and enjoyed it…well maybe just the coffee at the end but you experienced what I’ve been going on about for 50 parkruns! Bushy parkrun is soooooo motivational and an inspiration as there are all sorts of people out there in all weather’s whilst others are still in bed!
Thank you Nikki, Sarveen, Maureen and Pete (my other client) for overshadowing my achievement (joking) and showing you have a fight within you!
I can’t wait to see you get your 50th T-Shirt!!!
Stuart ‘Proud PT’ Amory
new pb
Final note…if you can please do a parkrun but beware, they are addictive!!!
Stu - iphone 2 apr 13 990

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