First Triathlon at 57 years young – Part 2 from Caroline


This blog is in response to ‘First Triathlon at 57 years young – Part 1 from the trainer’

It is now 15 weeks since I completed my first triathlon and I still get a buzz when I think about that day…

now later

Stuart Amory has been training me for 4 years, once a week for an hour. This has been pretty consistent and for the record I have to say it is brilliant in so many ways. It never seems to get any easier though as Stuart pushes me harder each time. The benefits are great from completely changing my shape to having a level of fitness that benefits other things as well. I also do yoga regularly and it has given me strength to stay in postures.

caroline bbag

Stuart suggested a triathlon to me early in the summer and I thought ‘why not?” For anybody in their fifties ( I am 57) toying with the idea of doing one I will say two words “Do it”. The first reason why you should is that it gives you a purpose and reason to train and it is always a good thing to challenge and push yourself. We know we should be exercising and looking after ourselves but it is not always so easy to motivate yourself. If you have a goal at the other end to reach for it makes it all worth it!

tri title

The 16th September was a fine day and not too hot. I was nervous and excited. My sister was doing the same super sprint triathlon the distances being 400-metre swim, 10 km bike ride and a 2.5 km run and I was determined to beat her! I had trained myself to swim free style, as the wet suits don’t make it easy to swim breaststroke! Cycling I had done before and I cycle locally to work and getting from A to B. The running was bit of a worry though. I knew I could do all three disciplines but had never put them together before!

caroline before

I trained the distances and did a few practice transitions so felt prepared on the day when I racked up my bike in the Transition area. The atmosphere was great at Eton Dorney Lake and both my husband and daughter had come to give their valuable support. Stuart was also there with his family and a friend of his, Sean who had spent some valuable time with me at Shepperton Lake doing an open water 400-metre swim. This sort of training was fantastic as swimming in open water is very different from a warm heated pool….


We were in the water at 3.30 and the claxon goes and suddenly these pink swim hats are setting off. Slow and steady I just kept on going until the joyful moment of running up the ramp through to my bike, which I ran straight past (I won’t do that again!). Off with the wet suit and on with the helmet and peddled hard for 10 kms.

Caroline wave

I started the bike ride ahead of my sister but she soon caught me up! Her cycling was very strong, as she had been training hard for a Charity Bicycle ride. Back to transition and off with helmet, racked the bike and started to run. This part was seriously mind over matter, my body wanting to stop and mind screaming no!

Strong quote

Seeing my sister ahead was the incentive I need and I crossed the finish line in 57 minutes from the start, 5 seconds ahead of her!

worth it

What a day! A real sense of achievement, which nobody can take away from me. I also, had fun and am planning to do two in 2013 but longer distances in the bike and run. My husband is also joining me and I hope I will see some of you doing them too…

Caroline medal


Caroline is on Twitter but not yet said anything…Beyonce?!?! 😉

Please pass your comments on to her via her twitter account, thanks!


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