Drive Thru?!? Nope, Drive Past!


McDonald’s and I have had an interesting past, growing up in small villages and towns of North East Scotland, the nearest McDonald’s was nearly an hour’s drive away and was probably one of the last cities to have one in the UK. I don’t remember my first but I did associate eating there with trips to London for Karate competitions in the late 1980’s (Junior comps…I’m not THAT old).

It was exciting because you were eating foreign food, well American but I was brought up on Haggis and Stovies etc so to have a ‘Burger and fries’ was a treat. So posh too because it was a novelty to call them fries and not chips! You even got toys and sat in booths perfect for eating, playing and lounging about in. Why wouldn’t you love it?! There are paradises for children…they are awesome for adults too because the kids are happy, the parents don’t have to cook and it’s pretty cheap. Let’s all go to McDonald’s!!!

My time in the military usually consisted of big Saturday nights out and Sunday afternoon trips with the most sober one of us driving a lot of beer smelling airmen to get our Big Mac and milkshake fix. I also remember being the luckiest one when they had that ‘Monopoly’ promotion getting free fries etc …Ah memories!!!

In June 2005, I went on my Premier personal training diploma and whilst on the nutrition phase we watched ‘Super Size Me’ where Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month and well…I won’t spoil it but I decided there and then never to eat another McDonald’s or Burger King again.

It was a spur of the moment thing but as well as seeing the results of the film, I felt, as a soon to be personal trainer I should be seen setting an example to my future clients. KFC’s, pizzas and curries all got through the ban (one step at a time) but I had reduced the amount of tempting fast food available to me.

At this point I feel a few of you will be thinking that the odd Big Mac or Whopper won’t hurt and I suppose that’s the reason why I still allow take away’s into my house. I took the stand against the 2 big burger giants and since December 2009 KFC too because of the convenience of these three and their ‘Drive Thru’ method of collecting.

I was never fat but at times I didn’t feel I looked like a personal trainer should do (in my eyes) so to take out the really easy option of pulling into a drive thru, ordering and eating within 5-10 minutes was great.

I now feel great saying I’ve not had a Maccy D’s or Burger King in seven in a half years and some clients after hearing this have decided to do the same. Do I miss them? Nope, and would I love them if I ever tasted one again? No, I would have so much guilt after being so righteous that the slightly sick feeling you normally get after eating them would be exaggerated.

To have fast food is completely your option as no one forces you to eat it but what I do hate about McDonald’s etc is their clever marketing strategy that’s targeted towards children. Toys, play areas and parties etc will give them happy memories of a place that used to serve this as chicken nuggets (see below) and as toddlers, children and teenagers it will leave a great feeling of comfort and joy. I sound like Scrooge now but my real worry is that the obesity rate is rising and nothing is being done about these businesses.

Olympic Sponsors…need I say more?! Money talks and they have money because people say “but the odd one won’t hurt you”…they are growing and so is the average size of children school uniforms.

I don’t eat from McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC and that means I have to go to a lot more effort to eat fast food and by then the guilt has got to me…and now I run a 1hr 21min half marathon or a sub 18 min 5km. My point is how much do you want that body you’ve craved for most of your life or that burger you’ve wanted since 3pm?!

Now please watch ‘Super Size Me’…

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2 thoughts on “Drive Thru?!? Nope, Drive Past!

  1. What’s your opinion on Fish and Chips as a treat?

    1. Yum…treat yourself with whatever you want.

      My post was aimed at deleting options to make it easier to stay motivated and your goals on track.

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