Train Like A Celebrity

Having trained quite a few people who are in the public eye, I’d like to share with you a little secret that may help you achieve your goals or understand why someone would hire a personal trainer to work with them to achieve their goals.

Now I could drop a few ‘clangs’ here by naming some of the famous people I have trained or currently train but I wouldn’t want to be so (Emily) Blunt. It would be terrible of me to announce on News at Ten like an ‘and finally’ Sir Trevor McDonald news story. It would also be immature like some of the kids that used to watch Gethin Jones, Zoe Salmon, Andy Akinwolere and Jake Humphrey on CBBC to feel I could use this forum to announce on the air waves like Dev from Radio 1 does. Imagine if I got Hayley Tamaddon to mention my client’s names on ‘This Morning’ or alter the script in a Lucy Jo Hudson drama, I’d risk being arrested by a Beth Cordingly type character from the Bill for being so blatant. It would also be “Unbelievable Geoff” to say that I’d trained Ben Shepherd and Jenni Falconer when all I actually did was beast them in Richmond Park in a military style bootcamp class.

So I won’t mention any of them and quite simply use this blog to get you to ‘train like a celebrity’.

When I take on a new client, celebrity or not my approach is the same…How can I motivate this person to achieve their goals?  What is the difference between a celebrity and any other client? Their job and their livelihood usually depend on looking good.

How much more motivation do you need, when if you don’t look the part and you don’t get paid, means everything to you?  A lot of people can be overweight and that has no consequences on their pay packet and that’s probably why they are overweight, but with a celebrity there’s more to it.

Auditions, interviews, younger actors/actresses, new roles, busy schedules and competition for specific roles are reasons why they must see their “look” as a priority. Then there’s the downside where publicity is a good thing for raising their profile, but what about when that turns bad, and the publicity they’re getting is for the fact they have cellulite or man boobs etc. It can be pressure, pressure, pressure!

That’s why they employ a personal trainer. What we can do for them is to help them take care of these potential problems by keeping them in shape and meeting them at a time convenient to them and in a place away from the paparazzi. We give them advice on how to maintain a healthy body whilst being able to attend parties where their champagne glasses are constantly being topped up. We offer them time to divert their focus away from the pressures of auditions by giving them challenging but motivational personal training sessions.

So how do YOU train like a celebrity?  Simple. You have to see it as a priority. See it as something that is part of your day to day life. Eat the right foods knowing that if you don’t, and you feel your trousers may be getting tighter around the waist, that it won’t only be you and possibly your partner that will know about it, but you may end up on Heat magazine’s ‘circle of shame’ page!

The mind is the strongest part of your body…if it’s not onside, then you are destined to fail. Start exercising like your life depends on it, because it does.

When you watch award ceremonies, all the actresses seem to try and outdo each other by wearing the most revealing outfit. Would you? Could you? Now I’m not asking you to wear a skimpy outfit at your next event down the social club but wouldn’t it be great if you had the potential to?!

You could spend the rest of your life not exercising, or exercising whenever you may feel in the mood for it, or you could exercise like your next paycheck depends on it.

People in the public eye have their pressures to look fit and healthy, what’s your reason? Mine is to be an advert for my business, so although I’m not a celebrity, I also have a pressure to look good and I use that. Every day I think that I have to be fit and healthy because if I don’t my business will be affected and therefore supporting my family would be difficult.

It works.  Ever since my son was born I have become the fittest, fastest and most focussed I have ever been and funnily enough, my business has never been more successful in the six years I’ve been a personal trainer.

Select your focus and train like a celebrity!


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